You’ll Experience Many Different Cuisines On Food Tours to Italy

What would surely make your vacation trip more exciting than just seeing the sights? Of course, it’s satisfying yourself with delicious foods. Traveling around the wonderful tourist sites in Italy can be very exhausting; you’ll surely hear the rumble of your stomach – and want to stop for a while to have something delicious to eat. The good thing is that you are in the right place for a sensational dining experience. Italy is, of course, known for its cuisine, which is one of the reasons why travelers enjoy visiting over and over again.

Satisfy Your Cravings with Italy Food Tours

One of the most popular and loved cuisines in the world is Italian food. Having a vacation in Italy is not just about the popular spots but you will also have the chance of learning more about their culture and the cuisines passed from generation to generation. Make your trip a memorable and exciting one with food tours to Italy. The place is a home to dining areas with the best Italian foods. Here are some of the regions that you should go to on your food tour.

Piedmont- Located in the northwest of Italy, Piedmont is known for its green terraces and landscape. Your visit in this region will not be completed without trying their truffles and Barolo wine. 

Naples- Pizza lovers should straightly go to this region. Almost everything here is indulgent where you can freely enjoy the meats, prosecco, and cheese. 

Rome- Rome is a paradise of foods and not just popular for its architectural wonders. You can dine in small restaurants with flavourful dishes. You should have a bite of their Maritozzi which is a sweet bun with a whipped cream filling.

Tuscany- In any wine tour in Italy, Tuscany is a great place for you to stop. You can have their hearty dishes as well as their homemade bread, and Chianti wine. In fact the place is known to be the best when talking about foods.

With the beautiful cities and great foods to eat in Italy, you don’t have to be surprised why a lot of people include this destination when planning for a trip. Discover the traditional dishes in every region and their stories. If you want to easily find the place where you can dine in because of the unforgettable taste of their foods then make a research before your trip. Pack up your things and enjoy the Italian cuisines.