Have a Strategy For Baby Clothes and Baby Girl Headbands


Don’t buy too many small sizes. I know newborn clothes are cute and you just want to stack up on them but you need to resist the urge to buy cool looking clothes in these small sizes. Babies grow quickly and it’s better to have bigger size that you can roll up the sleeves and the baby gets to grow into it instead of being stuck with sizes too small. It’s advisable to stock up on onesies that come in soft cotton material instead of buying those cool looking jeans or that dress for a 3-month-old. These overly busy outfits would most likely make your newborn uncomfortable as well. Stick with the simple and soft onesies and for girls, you can style them with a baby girl headband for outings or photo shoots. Accessories like this baby girl headband or soft hat for boys go a long way to elevate your babies look without you compromising their comfort.


So you have a tiny little baby now or you’re expecting one on the way and you’re very excited as expected. One of the major things that go into preparing for a bay is shopping for the kid. From the minute a baby is being expected parents especially moms start thinking of all the shopping they’ll have to do for baby items, clothes, accessories and other newborn, maternity, and nursing paraphernalia. The budget for preparing for a baby is no walk in the park. Many young couples wait till they’ve saved enough before thinking of having a baby and other are very strategic in preparing for the baby. Being wise about how to shop for a baby goes a long way in not only saving money but in not being overwhelmed or over buying things. With the rise of consumerism and so many aesthetically pleasing baby items, clothes, accessories, shoes etc it pays to have a game plan going in so you don’t end up splurging on frivolities or on items you don’t really need while the basic are left wanting. So here are some tips to keep in mind


Do your Research

This particularly is very important when it comes to baby gear and gadgets. There are a lot of bells and whistles as to what’s needed and doing research will save you time. In addition, doing your research will save you a lot of money because gadgets are expensive and spending a buck on something that turns out not needed or of poor quality will be a great disappointment for you as that money could be diverted to something ended. Weigh your pros and cons, look at old or cheaper models and very importantly check the reviews, reviews, reviews! Don’t just read the good reviews but read the bad reviews to see if the bad reviews complain about something you can live with if you buy the item. You know; one man’s meat… Read up reviews on the product site and also on facebook groups and communities, mummy blogs and reviews sites. Researching should not stop on gadgets alone, research on everything you can and gain more knowledge to help you as you shop and as you plan for your new baby or babies.


Buy Diapers! Diapers! Diapers!

Buy lots of diapers. This might seem obvious but it’s usually overlooked especially by new parents because they can't fathom how quickly you can run out of diapers. Whatever quantity of diapers you think will be enough, double it. Also, buy diapers in different sizes because babies grow quickly. Buy 0-3 months,3-6 months and 6-9 months. This, of course, depends on how far out you want to stock for and if you are buying in bulk but take note of these points anyway. Also, set up diaper stations around the house not just in the nursery. One diaper station in the baby nursery is ok and then diaper caddies around strategic locations around the house. Fill up these diapers caddies with diapers, wipes, rash creams and one or two towels. Also, stash a changing pad behind the sofa or around where you hang out as a family the most. This will come in handy for quick changes and accidents and save you from running back and forth to the nursery.


Also sticking with the theme of comfort first, go for baby clothes that are easy on and easy off Go for outfits that have zippers and velcro straps instead of those fancy buttons. When you're running late and overwhelmed, you do not want to deal with buttoning up 10 buttons on a crying baby I guarantee you.


Don’t Buy Everything Early

It’s wise to put off buying some items till later. It’s ok to list all you need on your registry but some items might not be needed until months or even a year later so don’t panic if you don’t have it all before the baby arrives. Items like a high chair, baby-proofing gear, or even some toys can wait till the baby starts crawling or sitting up straight. Also, be strategic about your baby show gifts. Don’t rush and buy everything before your baby shower because you would most likely receive some basics like onesies and diapers and soft toys. So keep the major shopping till after your shower and you’ll be glad you waited.


Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding

Irrespective of if you decide to breastfeed or bottle-feed there are some items and products that have been specifically designed to help you in the process. Some of these breastfeeding accessories are nursing or feeding pillow, nipple ointments, cold and warm gel packs, breast pads etc. for bottle-feeding, newborns usually start with the 4-ounce size, but you'll need some 8-ounce bottles as your child begins to drink more. You'll also need at least as many nipples as bottles. When it comes to the kind of bottle to use, refer back to the first point of doing your research be it glass, plastic or stainless steel do your due diligence. For example, most parents prefer glass or stainless steel because of the chemicals associated with plastic bottles. So do your research.